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Where to buy essential oils, Charlotte NC (North Carolina) and the surrounding area?

Tamara and Marc Houser (Natures fragrant pharmacy) are well respected and knowledgeable wellness advocates for essential oils, North Carolina

As we see more cuts in the North Carolina health care this year will have the greatest effect on the safety net hospitals that provide medical care for all comers, no matter their ability to pay. It has become clear that there has been a decline in our overall health and wellness.

However, to help reduce personal costs towards simple aliments Tamara and Marc Houser at Natures fragrant pharmacy are providing knowledge and services regards to therapeutic grade essential oils. They pride themselves that they can off the community and state of North Carolina the highest quality essential oils available in the world.

where to buy essential oils in North Carolina from Natures fragrant pharmacy?

Tamara and Marc can offer high quality essential oil products to the whole of North Carolina and of course the United States, however we are also able to provide products anywhere in the world. Click on the download button below and browse our Free catalog.

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Here are some of the places in North Carolina we share our essential oils:

Why should you buy from Natures fragrant pharmacy?

Tamara and Marc are a trusted organization that provide top quality therapeutic grade essential oils with a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our products.

Our after care service by our experienced consultants will offer advice on how to purchase our essential oils at the best price and how to use the oils to get the best and most effective results.

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How to purchase your essential oils at the best possible price?

Depending on how much you wish the buy, we have three option:

  1. Retail price: Purchase our oils at retail and they will arrive in the post or collected by hand
  2. Wholesale price: Purchase our oils and 25% below retails, if you register as a wholesale customer. The annual registration fee is 35$ and no monthly fee however if you purchase our product kits the 35$ fee is waived.
  3. Wellness Advocate: This option is the same as the wholesale customer, however for those who are interested in becoming a consultant and earning some extra month this option maybe for you. As a Wellness Advocate you will in addition to the benefits of the wholesale customer you will receive a free webshop, free back office, training and also no monthly fee.

How can I find more information about where to buy essential oils in Charlotte NC or anywhere else in North Carolina?

For more information about buying our essential oils or earning extra money from home as a wellness advocate click on the download button below and browse through our essential oils guide and catalog. In addition, you will receive by email full details about the history of the company, the products as well as answering any questions you might have.

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These essential oils have changed my life forever and Tamara is so helpful with useful information on the best way to use them on the kids

Clair W.

Housewife and soccer mom from Asheville, North Carolina

Every night I go to sleep with my Diffuser, it gives me a feeling of relaxation after a stressful day in the office

Becky R.

Office worker in Gastonia, North Carolina

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